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Yeşildirek Hamam



Where do you think your hammam peshtemals are dried? The hamam roof would be the last place to look at, honestly speaking. These red checkered peshtemals are the classic hamam towels used in Turkish baths. Nowadays, they are trending at the beaches as well. They absorb water fast, dry quickly, and are very light. Perfect for travelling. As they don’t take up much space, I usually toss one in my luggage.

I am on the roof top of a building trying to capture the lovely domes of Yeşildirek hamam while the dogs were barking at me! The photos were worth the sweat and fear!



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Jun 29, 2012

Very nice picture and interesting narrative! You should have grabbed a peshtemals to wipe off your sweat!

May 28, 2014

🙂 thank you! i should also have added that a giant dog was barking at us on top of the roof! corresponding from istanbul is not that easy:)

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