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Istanbul Urban Walks: Nişantaşı Art Walks

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I am happy to announce that since January I have been a part of 1001 Istanbul family that offers themed urban walks. Urban walks not only change the way we perceive a city, but also our relationship to it. I personally embraced the idea both as a flâneuse and a tour guide for it has come to heal my ever complicated relationship to Istanbul because as we roll through life in such a tough city, we fail to appreciate the sanctity of every day life and the beauty of its urban rhythm. 




Arts and literature has always been my thing, so designing Nişantaşı Art Walk for 1001 Istanbul was simply an extension of my insight into this dazzling albeit chaotic city through the lens of arts and culture.  Nişantaşı, home to a number of great art venues, renders a glimpse of contemporary art scene still vibrant in the city despite the political turbulence. The walk features gallery-hopping, 101 to 3rd wave coffee brewing, public art works, monumental landmarks, brief  history of the neighborhood, Maçka park for a tea break and gourmet delicacies. If stripped of your judgement, you will find inspiring art in the most unexpected places. It is well worth the time for art-lovers!






1. Liquid Art Sytems: Mathias Verginer

2. Bozlu Art Project: Çağatay Odabaş

3. Dirim Art: Yüksel Arslan

4. Milli Reasürans Sanat Galerisi: Kamil Fırat

5. Robert Indiana’s LOVE

6. Liquid Art Sytems: Willy Verginer

7. TEM Sanat Galerisi: Yüksel Arslan

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