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Happy New Year!


Two weeks before the new year, on my art walk in my neighborhood, I learned one of my guests was spending her birthday with us. The walk was actually a gift from her daughter. It was such a pleasant December day that we whiled away the day in art galleries, parks and bookshops in Nişantaşı. The sweet tart we ordered for her at lunch was meant to be her birthday cake. One wish and a candle. Upon our insistence on her making a wish, she said she needed not make a wish… She was content with her life and there was nothing else she could ask for… It was lovely to watch her blowing out the candle in contentment…


May we all have such moments of gratitude and a sense of contentment in 2018! Happy new year…! Here is my playlist for you- a pinch of İstanbul, nostalgia, winter mood, and punk. 


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