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Happy new year 2015!

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No doubt, Istanbul, not  Constantinople  is the first song that comes to mind when one thinks of Istanbul. That’s really cheesy; but you cannot beat it, can you? For many Istanbullites, on a rainy day, the default song is Bu sabah Yağmur Var İstanbul‘da by MFÖ, that’s usually when we are stuck in traffic because of the rain. Well, this one is not a classic Istanbul playlist; yet imbued with the moody, jazzy, rappy, gritty, dreamy, whimsical side of the city.  Enjoy Istanbul state of mind, but always with a pinch of salt…

Happy new year!


1.  Patti Smith’s   Constantine’s dream

2.  Morrisey’s  Istanbul

3.  Tom Waits’s   Telephone call from Istanbul

4.  Franz Ferdinand’s   Lucid dreams

5.  Brazzaville’s   Bosphorus

6.  Mercan Dede’s   Istanbul

7.  Ceza & Candan Erçetin’s   Şehir

8.  Dolunay Obruk’s   İstanbul kafası


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Dec 31, 2014

Şu anda İstanbul’da olmak vardı 🙂 Mutlu Yıllar ve kucak dolusu sevgiler…

    Jan 25, 2015

    Keşke:) Teşekkürler, sana da mutlu yıllar!

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