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An afternoon idyll…

An unexpectedly laid-back saturday afternoon. I am invited to the potluck at a college, where a friend works. We are in the hectic city of Istanbul, but time seems to have slowed down here. A picnic with kids on the hills of charming Arnavutköy. I remember over the next hill, I used to fly my kite when I was their age, where now stand gated-communities of all sorts. If I have a kid one day, I do not know if I could offer simple pleasures of childhood to my kid in my home city any more.

For me, living here is like having strong Proustian moments; a deep longing for bygone moments of my life here and a strong resistance to (inevitable?) change. I know ı will remember this lazy afternoon: the pleasant breeze, home-made Turkish appetizers, naughty pastries, smell of wine, jazzy tunes, and pleasant small talk. It is a moment to remember: simple, nothing extraordinary just witnessing children’s uncontrollable joy for life, thus a special moment in time.

PS. This photo is featured in my photo exhibition, Revisiting the City.





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