ART / istanbulogy / April 21, 2012

Urban Transformation Projects # 3

When the urban projects for regeneration turned out to be true, not a myth, and the demolition for the Tarlabaşı district was confirmed, many people I know rushed to the area to say goodbye, and to make pictures of the buildings soon to be knocked down. The strange thing is that when I thought people would be recording what is left over after the evacuation, I found out that visitors were trying to leave a mark right before the demolition. And we came across some of the best graffiti art in the city painted on the half demolished buildings. All attempt to mark “we were here” moment.




Click on the arrows to view more photos.

PS. photo #1  featured in my photo exhibition,  Revisiting the City.



Tags:  exhibition photo gentrification graffiti self-portrait series slide street art Tarlabaşı urban transformation

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