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Orthodox Islam puts a strong emphasis on the distinction between the private and the public sphere thus defining both of them; the public belongs to men whereas the private to women. In the case of religious observance, the wooden screen at mosques separates the women’s section from the rest of the praying hall. Behind the screen I find myself in a voyeur mode. The gaze gets stronger when barred. Though I usually avoid intruding in people’s spiritual experience with my camera, I could not resist clicking on the shutter and posting some pictures online.




The first set of photos was taken at the Yavuz Selim Mosque in Çarşamba, Fatih. The last one at the Yeni Valide Mosque in Üsküdar.



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Apr 02, 2013

Love the light in the last shot.

Apr 02, 2013


    Apr 04, 2013

    thank you for all the nice comments you have left:)

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