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Angels in Feriköy



The joke has worn out but we usually say what remained today of the city’s green spaces is the cemeteries in istanbul:) Though still sounds a bit exaggerated, it will come true in a decade thanks to the new urban transformation projects. So, no wonder, it is still pleasant to spend an afternoon in one of the cemeteries spread out in the old neighborhoods. No matter which religion it belongs to, it will be a day well-spent!

The day we sneaked through the open gates of a Protestant cemetery was the first anniversary of the death of a dear friend, who believed in heaven. I fell in love with this beautiful angel sculpture at first sight, and the idea of an angel taking care of him did console me-though only for a pleasant afternoon.








angels8   angels9

angels10   angels11



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Feb 01, 2015

My great-grandfather is buried in this cemetery. Going to visit Turkey in the spring of 2016 and hoping to visit the cemetery. Thank you for the pictures.

    Mar 08, 2015

    You are welcome:) He is resting in peace at a beautiful place! The cemetery is very centrally located; it would not be a hassle to get there! What is his name?

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