July 17, 2014

İdil Kemer, İstanbul, Performer & yoga teacher

I have been living in Nişantaşı district for a while and was curious to know more about my neighborhood. As a performer and a yoga teacher, I have been involved in exploring the body-space relationship through movement and breath. So when I had an opportunity to join Nihan Vural’s Nişantaşı photo walks, I just did not want to miss it.

The elaborate stories that she told revealed a vision of neighborhood that I was hardly aware of before. Her non-linear way of narration has changed the way I perceived my neighborhood in terms of time and space. I would highly recommend such a “unique” everyday experience that intertwines spatial and kinetic experiences with facts and files as well as myths and stories. She skillfully weaves the stories of the residents with the history of architecture. Such an awareness of body in space made me feel more connected to my neighborhood. Thank you!

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