July 6, 2014

Gerben, the Netherlands

Istanbul will leave you gasping for air and astonished in every possible way, from negotiating the most mundane aspects of life in this metropolis, such as the incessant noise, the crowds of people and horrific traffic, to trying to grasp and understand the richness, diversity and multi-layered treasures of its history and culture. Whether you want to discover this city’s current mad expansion and ongoing transformation, or dive into it’s multifaceted religious and cultural history, or sample it’s mouthwatering culinary riches, Nihan has got you covered.

Off the beaten track is a horrible cliché and can mean a dozen different things in Istanbul. Fortunately she has them all under her belt and will guide you through all the histories, big and small and even smaller, this utterly fascinating and always intriguing city has to offer. Prepare for a tour full of twists and turns and keep that camera ready!
Photo credit: Gerben/ cats of İstanbul

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