May 25, 2014

I. Meric, Brighton UK

I wonder if all big cities are like Istanbul to a certain extent, but this city is nothing but an assault on your senses. The crowds, the noise, the dirt, the traffic jams, the rudeness and the anger of people…I can easily make this list longer. What was once beautiful is now either inaccesible or lost under the surface of  the cheap, loud and vulgar.
Nihan’s Photo Walks are indispensible for an explorer who demands more than an average tourist. Sure, Istanbul has some great views, but any guide can show you those places. If you have an appetite for intelligent twists on a scenic route, if you want to discover exquisite parts of a big city which even the locals don’t know, and if you definitely want to combine good veggie food (yum!) with alternative art, history, architecture and photography, Nihan will prove you how a crazy city like Istanbul can still provide a finer beauty that you can’t find in books or guided tours.
photo credit: i. meric/ izmir palas

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