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Market place #1 Kadıköy

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The legend is that in 7th century B.C. Byzas of Megara consulted the oracle of Apollo at the Delphi temple in order to find a suitable colony to settle. The prophecy he received was that he should settle right across the land of the blind. upon arriving the Bosphorus strait, he saw the former greek colony settled at Chalcedon on the Asian side instead of the more advantageous site by the golden horn on the european side. He inferred that the former colonists must have been blind to ignore this site with a natural harbor. Accordingly, with other Megarans, he settled by the Golden Horn. There and then started the story of a 2,700-year- old city.

The land of the blind, Chalcedon, on the other hand, was never considered to be a part of the town up until the republican period. it is the area which we call Kadıköy today.

Over the years, the Asian side has almost turned into a self-sufficient city of its own, which no longer relies on the European side for anything be it the entertainment, or social hubs.  And I found myself slowly falling in love with this side of the town. With a down-to-earth residential profile, the attractive waterfront promenade, small public parks, tucked-away architectural gems, and modest options for entertainment, it has won my heart.

One of my favorite market places, Kadıköy bazaar is just a ferry ride away from Beşiktaş. After wandering around the hectic market, and doing a bit of shopping- mostly coffee and spices, we usually treat ourselves to a great food in a restaurant specialized in southeastern Anatolian cuisine, Çiya. (with vegetarian options)

Hop on a ferry with your camera just before the sunset, enjoy the late afternoon in Kadıköy. You will make great pictures!!!


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Mar 07, 2013

Great pictures. I too love Kadikoy – the fresh fish, having turkish coffee, the aroma of spices… I love the local, natural feel it has, no pretensions, no imitations. And towards Moda there’s a chocolate and cofee shop tucked away in one of the side streets. Such a delight.

    Mar 25, 2013

    thank you:) i exactly feel the same way about kadiköy. feel free to drop the name of the coffee shop:)

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